Message from the Bishop

To my dearest members of the Catholic Scouting community:

It is wonderful to see that you are all participating in the program of Scouting. The opportunities to grow and develop as a human being through Scouting are enormous. Simplifying character to twelve words provides you an easy and thoughtful way to live your life. Just as the Scout Law begins with “Trust”, I pray that you trust in the Lord and share his love for you throughout your life. It is also fitting that a list that begins with trust ends with “Reverent”, for what better way is there to reciprocate and show our love and appreciation to Jesus than by worshiping him and doing his will. I am so pleased to see that the Catholic Committee on Scouting is growing in the Allentown Diocese and helping all of you encounter Jesus Christ through their programs and providing you opportunities to live the twelfth point of the Scout Law.

For the Catholic Scouts in the Diocese of Allentown, I encourage you to strive to earn your religious emblems. The opportunities are many throughout your Scouting career beginning with the “Light of Christ” and “Parvuli Dei” in Cub Scouting and wind up with the “Ad Altare Dei” and “Pope Pius XII” in Boy Scouting. What a statement of faith to be able to earn all four awards! Wear the emblems proudly and share your faith with your fellow Scouts and family.

For the Catholic adults and parents in the Diocese of Allentown, I encourage you to participate with the children in this religious adventure and support them through their times of doubt or distraction. Parents, embrace your faith and be encouraged by your own child’s interest and share in the rewards that come with a successful journey. Catholic adults involved in Scouting should join the efforts of the program and volunteer their time and talents to ease and spread the burden of delivering such a wonderful and vast program. Christ devoted his life to serving others, and so should we as believers.

For the Catholic Priests of the Allentown Diocese, I encourage you to get involved with your chartered units and fully promote the religious emblems program, and all that the Catholic Committee on Scouting has to offer. You should embrace the program and lead by example to work with the Scouts and their families, and by assisting the Catholic Committee on Scouting as much as possible. Strive to have your Catholic chartered units be the best units they can be, and if there is not a unit in your parish, consider the possibilities of starting one.

Scouting is a wonderful program and life experience that brings an individual closer to the creator and his works. To be a Catholic Scout can only make the experience that much better by following in the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and living a life of service to others and growing in our own faith. I pray for all of you, that you find the strength and courage to demonstrate your faith through the emblems program, and take advantage of all the programs that the Catholic Committee of Scouting has to offer you during your Scouting adventure!